Something About You.. 

There is something unique about you, something strange, something good. You don't seem broken still I can hear sqwaky cries inside you. You look strong and happy but I can see numbness in your eyes. Each time you feel love, the hollowness in your soul longs to be filled. You had a deal with your [...]

An amateur writer!

I was an amateur writer and got the tweeny-weeny appreciation for my work that I needed from people. I enjoyed playing with words, writing poems and making up compositions; but most importantly I wrote to express my feelings and my heart. Writing was just not a hobby but my passion. As an amateur writer I [...]

To Love Is..

To love is to stand in a garden full of roses and inhale its fragrance. But has anyone tried to hold the air around them? To love is to plead for your favorite book for months and learn that every copy of it has been sold out & have to wait till another edition is [...]

Love is mysterious!

"Love is such a finicky word, one that theologians, religious leaders and writers have been dissecting, describing, and attempting to apply perhaps since the dawn of emotion." When somebody says that he loves you back, you know what euphoria feels like. But back of the mind there is this doubt, because love being reciprocated is [...]

A Simple Wish!

I wish, It would have been easy to kiss happiness, Without touching loneliness, I wish,  Love would be in the air, Till the flow of river, I wish, Having negative emotions would become tough as embracing death, And argument would be small as life span of bubble, I wish, Bad side of world would not [...]

Best Friend!

To the best friend I love, I know, you like sleep more than anything else. Ghar ka khana more than anything else. I know you will be there for me even if i buzz you at 4:00 in the night!  My playlist and your playlist are almost identical and so is our favorite song. I [...]